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A place for sharing information and evidence that We Are Not Alone. NOT A PLACE FOR SKEPTICS. By asking to join the tribe you already know "they" are here and you agree to abide by the UFO tribe credo: Keep it civil, nothing negative. Are you ready to take the red pill? NOTE: I am making this tribe public. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Quokka  photo flag
Y/green  photo flag
Zombi Waffen Weird,...  topic
Don't Panic: End of a World Age.  topic
UF,...something  topic
2012 Women's UFO SYmposium  topic
Army Colonel: UFO Witnesses Need Amnesty  topic
back in the 1960s the navy found one  topic
video  topic
Mysterious universe  topic
Gas station on marz?...  topic
Mars gas station  photo flag
Weather radar 5 4 2011  photo flag
Alien Gothic  photo flag
Ancient Buddhas and UFO ledgend,  topic
Night vision contact  topic
Hohot China UFO  topic
New york to Tokyo in 30 minets  topic
California "mystery missile"&Co?  photo flag
California "mystery missile"&Co?  photo flag
Blu lake photos  topic
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